Wildflowers of Lebanon :

This website is a digital, searchable database of the flora of Lebanon devoted to document the wild plants of Lebanon and make them accessible by people from all over the world. The aim is to introduce the public, help them appreciate and understand the rich biodiversity of the Lebanese nature in order to encourage its conservation and sustainability. It can also be used by scientists as a reference for the Lebanese flora to search for any plant growing wild in Lebanon and learn about it. Plants can be searched by genus or scientific name and can be browsed by family, color, flowering month or significance (endemic, protected, medicinal, aromatic…) Each entry include photos of the plant showing close-ups of the flower and leaf, its habit (view of the whole plant) and habitat I which it grows; scientific and common names, description, flowering months, status, geographic distribution and more….

This website is currently under development and will be updated frequently. It is a long term project which will be ongoing for few years to be completed. Your opinion and feedback are appreciated.

We are looking for sponsors to help support this project. Your logo will show on the home page. If you are interested please contact us at contact_us@wildflowersoflebanon.com.